“Today With You” Is One Of The Last Songs of 2021, And It's One Of The Best

Artwork by John Lyons

2021 is coming to an end, and what a year it has been. I think we all believed that 2020 would be the peak of madness, but it was really just the beginning. Yes, Covid 2: Electric Boogaloo made its way throughout the world this year, with the Delta variant being followed closely behind by its buddy Omicron in the later part of 2021. Jokes aside, as someone who unfortunately dealt with a bout of Covid-19 back in October, it's brutal, and not something that should be taken lightly at all.

From a global perspective, the 2020s aren’t off to the most ideal of starts. The pandemic has taken a lot away from many people. Family, friends, jobs, businesses, the list goes on. If you haven’t lost someone or something important to you in the last couple of years, chances are, somebody you care about probably has.

All of this leads us to the delightful song I want to talk about. “Today With You” is the latest release by Joe Benevento. Originally from the Albany, New York area, Joe is a songwriter, composer, and bassist extraordinaire currently based (no pun intended) out of Nashville. His compositions contain influences from a variety of styles, including R&B, soul, and jazz, in a unique and clever combination that often leaves the listener smiling and tapping their foot.

Joe Benevento

“Today With You” does just that. The song features Joe Benevento himself on bass, keys, and MIDI design, Vonyéa Williams on lead vocals, and Nick Volbrecht on guitar. The song was mixed and mastered by Joe as well, with additional assistance by Aidan Sloppy. Self-described as a “bite sized song”, the tune is a quick 1 minute and 34 seconds in length, but the amount of emotion the song is able to create in just over 90 seconds is astounding.

Upon pressing play, a nice steady drum rhythm kicks off the song, before being joined by luscious chords from the guitar and keys, a smooth, buttery bass line, and a sweet, endearing vocal melody. The lyrics, written by Benevento, are lovely and kind hearted, telling a tale of sharing a worry-free day of fun and happiness with someone that you care about.

The whole song feels like someone has wrapped you in a warm, fuzzy blanket, and has reassured you that everything will be alright. That's something that everyone definitely needs once in a while, especially the last couple of years. The feeling and the story of the song has a nostalgic vibe, evoking memories of running around and playing in your youth, either with a sibling or a childhood pal.

However, something I find beautiful about that is this feeling of being full of joy and truly unburdened by the weight of the world is what it’s like to be with someone that you love. Be it a partner, or just a very close friend, spending time with those that matter most to you can make you feel just like a little kid again.

In the same way that we couldn’t predict that 2021 would be just as messy as 2020, I can’t sit here today and promise you that 2022 will be all sunshine and rainbows either. However, if there’s anything that both “Today With You” and the last couple of years has taught me, it’s that if you’re entering the new year with loved ones by your side, then things certainly could be worse.

This little ditty had me strolling down memory lane, the length being a total afterthought, as I found myself listening to it ten times in a row anyway. It’s such a wholesome song, and provides a reminder of hope that in the scary modern world we live in, love and gentleness can still prevail.

You can check out “Today With You” and all of Joe’s other releases at the link below. Thank you for coming along for the ride that is Spellsong’s first chapter. We’re just getting started. See you in 2022. Cheers, and as always, much love.


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